At Core Chiropractic, we believe you were made to live well.

We know a great life begins with a healthy back. Your spine is the foundation your entire framework is built upon. Built into the spine are the gateways through which nerve impulses send their life-giving messages. Your spine is smart. It was constructed with a purpose and with a design that’s built to last. It is a living piece of architecture that yearns for good alignment and full amounts of movement. Your spine has potential that you may not be living up to.

At Core Chiropractic we are experts in the language of healthy backs.
We speak spine.


Doctor Oscar Posada

As a boy, Dr. Posada always wanted to either follow the military tradition of his father as an officer or he wanted to be a doctor of some kind. He has always been drawn to the idea of service to others, but it wasn't until late in his senior year of high school that his decision became clear. A teacher told him that he would never be a doctor. She said this in response to his failing grade in her honors biology course. "That was a moment of clarity," as he would describe it later. At that moment he knew one thing, he absolutely wanted to be a doctor. He also knew he would need to transform himself and his study habits to tap the potential that he knew laid inside of him. So he did. In 2001, he received his Bachelor of Science degree from Western Michigan University while maintaining a high grade point average. He then received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, and graduated with merits of achievement.

Today, he brings the same spirit of Transformation into the core values of his practice. He believes too many people have been convinced that their current level of health and wellness is the most they could ever have. "Too many of us have resigned ourselves to live at lower health potentials than we are actually entitled to. Health is our birthright; we were designed and instilled with an inner knowledge and wisdom that tells our bodies how to self-heal and self-regulate. We need only access what we've been gifted with. The better that wisdom can express itself the greater the health we can experience. Not everything is curable but almost everything can be better - and sometimes that's enough to Transform our lives."