Spinal joints that aren’t moving correctly can choke or irritate nearby nerves, and in many cases, cause lower back pain. Chiropractic adjustments add motion to these stuck joints, reducing interference in the nervous system and helping to relieve discomfort.

Adjustments can be performed in a variety of ways. Our office uses manual adjustments, table drops and electric activator.

Everyone! From all ages and backgrounds, chiropractic care enhances the quality of life of all our practice members.

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Chiropractic helps with a multitude of conditions. Kid’s health: ear infections, constipation, chronic colds, digestion problems. Old people, Low back pain, arm and hand numbness, leg and foot pain, sciatica, headaches, pregnancy. We don’t treat conditions, we remove interference and allow a body to work better but we see all these conditions get better when a body is functioning well.